Who We Are?

URS Middle East Academy is a part of United Registrar of Systems (URS) company located in UK, which provides varies services on ISO Certification , Training, Test & Inspection. URS Academy located in UAE & Middle East countries offers various skill training courses and conducts webinars for online certification as well as classroom training. We are a leading name in E-learning & training.

Why Companies Take Our Training Courses?

Our courses are developed and reviewed by highly experienced trainers having rich experience of more than two decades. We provide training courses in simple English and also other applicable languages in the Middle East. they are presented by highly qualified instructors with latest teaching techniques. Each course includes in-depth learning, followed by session test, final exam and course certificate to the students. The students can repeat the exam to pass the session test and final exam. Our training courses are used globally by governments and businesses both in manufacturing and service sector. We provide wide range of topical solutions - from webinars, E-learning, ppt packages to case studies and workshops. The training certificate is generated on course completion. There is a certificate validation option to verify the certificate. our branded image in the market gives value of credibility to our company's certificate, globally. We use the latest technology for instant delivery of our courses. Our courses are lowest priced globally. Student and corporate discounts are also available on our courses. Our payment gateway gives certified secured online payment option. One can save, read or print our study material and keep it with them. By Registering your Training hours in login, you can Receive coupon card up to 50% Discount.